Oh, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, and no, it’s not Christmas. It’s summer, the season of the freedom, of the sunny holidays and wonderful experience, of relax and idleness, the perfect time for doing nothing. And the most awesome news is that you are going to a seaside holiday only in a couple of days and you are already dreaming of the endless beaches,shoes-801949_640 the magnificent sunshine, the timelessness, the sault on your skin and the pure happiness in your heart. So make sure that you are well prepared for this holy time full of joys and you won’t forget anything, only so you can be completely at ease there – where the sea meets the sand and you reach the flawless bliss.

The skin care

This is maybe the most important thing you better have by your side. It is relevant that the products you will buy have a high SPF factor, because no matter how much we love the sun, it may cause a lot of trouble on our skin. And this is definitely not how we want to remember our holiday. So you better have one product for your body and one for your face, because the skin there is even more sensitive. And saving on money here is not a nice idea, because when it is about your health, the quality is far more important than the price.

The hair care

Well, this one is quite important as well, because the whole sun, salt and heat make the hair dry and damaged and that is why we need to protect it. There are many products in the market, so choose one and have it always in your beach bag.

Water and a healthy snack

The heat and the humid air almost always dehydrate us and that is why when we are on the beach, we need to drink as much water as we can. And for the time when we are hungry, it would be nice if we have a healthy snack in the beach bag – it could be a fruit, an apple, a banana, some berries or a peach, or we can have some oatmeal bars that can always save us, because when we are there, sunbathing, we won’t want a burger and fries for sure.


A book

Yeah, you are lying in the sun and you are enjoying the beautifully azure sea, the noise of the waves and the light breeze and if the whole situation can get even better you should have a book in your beach bag as well. Because when you are completely at ease, you can escape the reality and go to one of the parallel worlds the books offer you. That is amazing, it’s magic and it is what makes you feel pretty well.

Your phone

Let’s not forget that we live in 21. Century and you simply cannot leave your home without having your phone, so don’t forget it in the hotel, because otherwise you will fail to Instagram that lovely view and it would be such a shame!