This summer I was on vacation with my friends in Varna, Bulgaria. I love this city. It was a great holiday. The beaches are wonderful and the sea water is clean. There some typical beach bars with awesome cocktails and loud music. Unfortunately the weather last two days was bad and we couldn’t go on the beach. We decide to explore the city. Here are some places you can visit in Varna if the weather is not good enough for catching tan.

  • The Asparuhov Bridge

Asparuhov Bridge is the longest bridge in Bulgaria – 2 km. Its construction began in 1976. This bridge is one of several from which you can jump with bungee.

  • “St. Anastasius” church

The church was built in the 18th century (1838.). It is remarkable for its icons, frescoes, altar and throne. It represents old temple, whose door is the following inscription: “The old church of St. Athanasius, who have not ahead destroyed the Mars bombs, burned on 1836, February 15, has resumed of 1838, August 29th “. The church has an exhibit that presents a collection of prints, etchings, liturgical books of the Bulgarian Revival.

  • Cathedral church “St. Mother of God ‘

The church was built in the period 1883-1886 year and is the second largest in Bulgaria after the temple-monument “St. Alexander Nevski” in Sofia. Odessa architect Maas in honor of the liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman yoke design the temple.

  • Drama Theatre “Stoyan Bachvarov” – Varna

In the building of the Drama Theatre “Stoyan Bachvarov” – Varna are situated the theater, opera and gilharmoniyata of Varna. It was built by Viennese model. On March 12, 1921 the theater opened its first season with the contemporary play “instinct” by Henri Kestmeker.

  • National Astronomical Observatory and Planetarium “Nicolaus Copernicus” – Varna

The planetarium was opened in 1966 through the working part of the astronomical complex (1965). The observatory organize visits for citizens, explaining the basics of astronomy, as well as demonstrations of the starry sky.

  • State Puppet Theatre – Varna

The theater was established in 1952. It conducts annual Festival of Puppet Art “Golden Dolphin”. Over the years of his scene realized more than 260 productions played over 20,500 performances, watched by millions of viewers at home and abroad

  • Sea Garden

The construction of the garden began in 1862. It is a symbol of the city. Sea Garden, the Botanical garden in Balchik and Botanical garden near St. St. Constantine and Elena are only made artificially reserves. There grow some of the rarest plants and endangered ones. The Sea garden visitors can see many sights including Aquarium; Dolphinarium, the Naval Museum, and others. The garden has a size of about 800 acres. There’s a Zoo.

  • Festa Dolphinarium Varna

Visitors to the Festa Dolphinarium Varna can enjoy a wonderful Delfin show, which is held simultaneously in 4 languages: Bulgarian, German, Russian and English.


Despite the bad weather we spend fruitful the remaining days. We had book holiday transfers Bulgaria, Varna so we didn’t take care about our transportation. I recommend to do it if you go on vacation.